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We specialise in helping people to make a decision or adapt to change, whether it is self-imposed or forced. If you are looking for direction with: 

then GG Fit can help you find the motivation to make the change in your life

What is life coaching?
Coaching is helping someone to move from where they are now, to where they want to be… and to do this more quickly and effectively than if they acted alone.
All sports people have coaches to help them improve. They will work with the skills and strengths that the person has and help to develop and refine them to make them into a champion.
A life coach helps their clients to define their goals, set targets, overcome obstacles and turn their ambitions into reality.
With coaching, people become more efficient, improve their time management skills, find better work-life balance, or sometimes just decide to focus their talents in a better way.

How does coaching work?
The client spends around 45 minutes with their coach every week or two, in a scheduled session (usually face-to-face). They discuss goals and investigate barriers to achievement and action steps to work towards the goals. All sessions are confidential and goals are regularly checked for commitment. Coaching can be fun, challenging, searching, and enlightening.