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"Really assisted finding work/life balance, managing workload better, and realising stress.  Very beneficial, coaching helps talk through efficiencies in life as well as work, which is separate from performance reviews with line manager" - Kate, gym manager

"Helped motivate me to channel myself and take the leap that I kept putting off for a couple of years" - Harry, editor

"As a personal trainer, I thought I was already motivated, but coaching took me to another level, and my clients are really pleased" - Troy, personal trainer

"Coaching really helped me to get back on my feet, realise what I was capable of, to sell myself better, and get a new job!" - Phil, IT Consultant

"Better than any recruitment agency, coaching helped me to review what I wanted after being made redundant, and to get a job within 6 weeks" - Sally, designer

"Guy helped me to realise that leaving my job and changing career wasn’t the only option, and I’ve now created an exciting new position for myself, effectively getting a promotion, which is great!" - Karen, marketing manager

"Coaching with GG Fit is really worthwhile, whilst it’s everything you know you should be doing, but Guy helps you focus and get those things done" - Amanda, nurse

"Got a sense of empowerment from coaching, more in control of my own destiny, and took space away from ‘business as usual’ work to be more effective. Time to sharpen the saw!" - Byron, financial services manager