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Social media is a great way to promote your business, build relationships, and connect to more customers and prospects 

Why should you be using Social Media?
Our customers get more enquiries because of their social media campaigns.  Some come from people searching the ‘social web’ for keywords, but more are from referrals from friends, 
their existing customers.  
It is the successes, ‘likes’ and recommendations from friends that can generate interest and create hot leads for your business.  
Social media is also a very powerful retention tool, and if used effectively, will keep your customers coming back for more.

    Social Media Tip #1; first LISTEN, then ENGAGE, then FEEDBACK

There are a lot of social media guides and experts on the web (including some educational articles by GGFit) which you can read and adapt to your business.  

Alternatively, you can sit down in person with us and discuss your needs.  
We will deliver a bespoke programme for your business.  You will be able to get started with the appropriate accounts and content, and we’ll give you the necessary guidance to get you up and running on the social web.

Guy Griffiths,
24 May 2011, 07:21
Guy Griffiths,
10 May 2011, 01:54